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Transcend Rehab & Wellness

Telehealth Services



I am a physical therapist of 23 years. 10 years of orthopedic experience and 13 years of focused practice in the treatment of dizziness and imbalance- also known as vestibular rehab.

Finding my niche 13 years ago, and blending my orthopedic skills with the specialty of balance control has allowed me to focus my professional education and build clinical skills that ensure accurate assessments, effective treatments, and efficient results.

Integrating technology into physical therapy using telehealth provides my patients with the ability to reach me from anywhere with WiFi access. 

If you experience vertigo, dizziness, imbalance, falls, or have suffered a concussion - I'm your PT!

Developing patient-centered goals and working with individuals to restore their physical function has allowed me to develop a perspective of health that is more holistic. 


Cash Payment

Why Not Insurance?

Until U.S. healthcare policy provides uniformity in reimbursement & removes the barrier for patients to use their choice of PT provider for telehealth/online physical therapy services, I will continue to provide my online services to Minnesota patients on a cash basis. If you live out of state, no problem! Our wellness coaching can assist you in reaching your goals! If you would like to submit a claim for the care provided to your insurance company- I can provide the necessary paperwork. 

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