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  • How Do I Book an Appointment?

    • Call us at 320-318-8812 or fill out our appointment form! We will call you to set up a time and go over all the vital information, including your health history and details of the appointment. Please note you will be asked to pay for your appointment the day-of.  If you should need to reschedule your appointment and provide 24 hours notice, the payment will apply toward your rescheduled appointment.  If within the first 15 minutes of your appointment, it is determined your symptoms would be better addressed by a different healthcare provider, the appointment will be canceled, and your payment will be refunded.

  • What are risk factors for a fall?

    • It is easy to blame environmental factors for a fall (the surfaces you walk on, obstacles, lighting, etc) — however there are physical, psychological, and social factors that also play a role in a person’s likelihood of falling. FALLS ARE ALMOST ALWAYS A COMBINATION OF FACTORS.

      Common indicators include:
      -Loss of feeling in legs or feet
      -Taking one or more medications
      -Unsteadiness or dizziness
      -Recent period of inactivity or bed rest
      -Loss of confidence in one’s ability to move around

      The best way to avoid a fall is to chat with me about any of the indicators you or a loved one is experiencing. I will be able to ask you questions that uncover indicators you may not be aware of and assess your balance/mobility. My goal is to help create a comprehensive plan to care for your balance and stay on your feet!


  • What is the difference between Dizziness & Vertigo?

    • Vertigo is the illusion of movement, such as swaying, rocking, bobbing, or spinning.  Dizziness is a nonspecific term that is often used to describe lightheadedness, vertigo, and/or faint sensation.

  • Do I need a referral to see you?

    • No, I am licensed by the state of MN and do not require a referral to evaluate and/or start your PT plan of care. If we determine your care will extend past 30 days, I will send my evaluation to your physician or primary care provider for their signature for medicare patients.  

  • Do you take my insurance?

    • I am a medicare provider. My services as a PT are customary for the condition you need treated, and as such, you should be reimbursed for the care I provide. If you have a supplemental plan to pay for the portion that medicare does not pay, you are expected to pay for that portion of the bill on the same day as the service was rendered, and your co-insurance will reimburse you per your policy.  If you have private or group insurance (not medicare) you will be expected to pay for the services you receive on the same day of treatment. I accept cash, HSA and/or a credit card as forms of payment, and will provide you the receipt and instructions to submit to your insurance for reimbursement on the day it was rendered. Please plan accordingly and bring your HSA or credit card to your appointments.   

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