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We offer a wide range of services centered around helping our patients feel well. No matter what brings you in to see us, you can be sure you or your loved ones will be treated with care, respect, and transparency.

Balance & Fall Prevention

If you are feeling unsteady on your feet, are worried about your or a loved one falling, or are having other balance related issues, I can help!

Learn more about balance, vestibular therapy, and how we can work together on a plan that will get you or your loved one back to feeling confident on your feet!


Migraines & Motion Sickness

There are millions of people suffering from migraines around the world, but that does not mean there is no help.

Learn more about your migraines, motion sickness, and how you can start to reduce or even eliminate your pain and discomfort. 


Dry Needling

Feel like you have tried everything for your chronic pain or illness? Have you tried dry needling?

As the area's only certified dry needling therapist, I have used this technique to help relieve pain and discomfort for a huge variety of patients. Learn more to see if dry needling may help you!

dry needling.png

Dizziness & Vertigo

Feeling like the world is spinning, swaying, or bobbing around you even when you are still? This feeling can be debilitating, but the good news is I am here to help.

Learn more about the causes of dizziness & vertigo, and schedule an appointment.


Concussion Rehab

The affects of a concussion can last several days, months, or even years if not treated, not to mention the long term damage that can occur.

Learn more about what happens to your brain when a concussion occurs and how you can build a plan to recover.


Wellness & Self Care

We are all at our best when we are feeling well both physically and mentally. As a part of your treatment, we will help you with tools and tips for taking care of yourself and being at your best.

Learn more about self care and wellness, and contact us to help you feel your best.



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