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The Voice(s) We Listen To

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Have you ever felt so far from your 'normal' that you question, "Who am I, anyhow?!" As I have grown older I have had these moments of self reflection more often. It wasn't until I was reading "The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself" by Michael Singer, that I realized the depth of our human experience. But to find it we have to stop and dig down below the incessant chattering of our inner voice(s).

For instance, I have a voice that says "I want to go to bed at a decent time tonight." But then I hear a different voice chime in and say, "BUT you will feel soooo much better if you get your paperwork done! Let's just stay up and steamroll that list of notes!" I hear similar conversations revolved around ice cream, exercise, cleaning, and what to read - and so much more. Can you relate?

Which voice do you listen to? How do you quiet the incessant self talk and the full-on conversations running on an endless loop? How do we get anything accomplished with all the distractions?!

Here is the really profound part:

That voice you hear is not you, or me. We are the ones who hear the mind's voice. If you can hear the voice and contemplate it, it means you are observing the conversation, which means you are greater than the voice, and you are deeper than that voice. And if we can arrive at this self observation, it means we are greater than the product of our human experiences, our relationships, our successes and our failures. Let that sink in for a moment.

The comments, questions and conversations we hear are the product of responses we have used or heard over our lifetime. Just like an athlete or musician who practices their craft until it becomes effortless/predictable/successful, we set down and reinforce nerve pathways in our brain with our thoughts, memories, and that inner chatter. For better or for worse.

Each of us create our own version of reality by mixing our sensory input (what we see/hear/smell/taste/feel) along with our emotions and our physical surroundings and our interpretation of all those electrical signals flowing into our brain. Just trying to describe it makes me wonder how we get anything on our to-do list accomplished! :)

If we can create our reality, I believe we can manifest our life's purpose. But I would like to think we should consult the one who has witnessed our every experience and lies deeper than the voices we hear, beyond the version of reality we hold to be true. The one who observes the inner chatter. I am convinced our Authentic Self is eternally patient, accepting, and loving. Our authentic self will be ever present and available to us, should we make a conscious effort to slow down, step back, and let our thoughts and our feelings go on ahead without us.

If your definition of optimal health is deeper and wider than your current healthcare services and doesn't include SELF CARE, I am your PT!

If you are ready for more energy, better health, less stress, and more than just a pill, and you want to create a more natural approach to your health where we can explore and design the self care elements that will nurture you and support your journey- make that first step: call me at 320-318-8812 to reserve your time. Your Authentic Self will thank you!

Your PT,


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